16 December 2017
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January 28th, 2009

Love music? Love friends? Love fring? Then you’re gonna love on fring!

Whether you’re hot for Britney or prefer chillin’ to Cold Play, you can now listen to music radio channels, including your own library, direct from fring on your mobile.

You can search & tune-in to your favorite artists, view album artwork, skip tracks you don’t like, even show your love or ban them, and all of this activity via fring will automatically update your online account

So, where does the friends bit come in? Well, in case you didn’t know, at fring we love nothing more than a great big mash-up. So as well as the music experience itself, we’ve grabbed all of your friends and put them into a dynamic friends list so you can view what they’re listening to on, in real-time, right now. Cool huh?

And that’s not all…standby for the fairy dust…we’ve also combined many of fring’s communication features you use everyday into this mobile musical mash-up, so if you catch your mate listening to the Cheeky Girls, simply Tweet* the news to everyone else, launch a chat via MSN or GoogleTalk or call him via Skype to tell him to get a life! (no offence Cheekies! x)

This fringing musical mayhem is just the first of a series of friends and experience add-ons, designed to make your mobile the ultimate social device with fring.

Check-out our latest YouTube vid here. All you need is the latest version of fring (V3.37) and a account then simply go to the fringAdd-on tab inside fring, subscribe to the add-on by ticking the box, sit back and enjoy those tunes!

YouTube Preview Image

As always, feedback is everything and we’d love to hear what you think!

fring Team

NB: Initially for Symbian Series 60 Devices
*Twitter coming to add-on v soon

January 6th, 2009

We’re delighted to announce a new version of fring for Windows Mobile devices, including Sony Ericsson’s new super cool Xperia and Samsung Omnia.

In this version, you’ll find the new & improved fring Add-ons – fun, interactive mobile internet apps that sit inside your fring, allowing you to take your Facebook account mobile, receive Gmail notifications and loads more.

Plus, we’ve included our popular File Transfer function – you can now send digital files to all your fring, Skype, MSN & Yahoo buddies at the click of a button.  No need for Bluetooth pairing, no wires, no infrared and no costly MMS charges.  Just select a buddy, click send, and before you can say “Who’s seen my data cable?” the file has been received.

The navigation & functionality have been improved with a new ‘Go- To menu’, Privacy and ‘Joystick-In’ settings, typing indication and new Add-Ons Managment screen, all make the whole fringing experience even smoother.

Finally, if you’re an HTC user, we now support earpiece use, as well, so you can keep your conversations all to yourself.

On a final note, we want to thank our friends at Microsoft for recognizing fring and awarding us their “Designed for Windows Mobile” certification, indicating products that are compatible with Microsoft Windows Mobile powered devices.

These improvements have been brought about in response to fringsters giving us their feedback, and as always, keep ‘em coming!

C u

The fring team.

December 8th, 2008

Hey minifringsters

Great news. We’ve just incorporated fring Add-ons into minifring – these cool new mobile internet apps help you get even more out of going mobile with fring.

The first fringAdd-ons now live include Facebook, Gmail notifier, Orkut, vTap and Yandex.mail notifier! Add-ons are available thanks to us opening up fring to brainy developers out there via the recently released fringAPI and we’re expecting all kinds of mobile games, tools, and cool new services to be available from the fring Add-ons catalog coming soon. You can keep an eye on developments and what’s new in the catalogue inside minifring itself or on the web.

To get fringAdd-ons, SE user need to click More > Settings > Manage add-ons & Nokia users need to click on Options > Settings > Manage add-ons.

All is available through the latest version of minifring.

And if there’s an app you’re just itching to take mobile, let us know or find a developer of your own to mobilize your favorite web apps for us all to enjoy via fring!
As always, let us know what you think and how we can further help you go mobile!

Have fun!

The fringTEAM

November 30th, 2008

The open web awards offers a unique opportunity for the most accomplished websites and services to receive international recognition for their achievements.

During the recent nominations round, over 43,000 verified nominations were received. The hard working guys over at have now narrowed down the huge pool to the 10 most-nominated sites and services in each category.

fring is happy to announce we have made the top ten in the category “mobile applications”. A huge thank you to everyone who nominated fring during stage one. Stage two of the open web awards has just gone live.

Using the widget below, please cast a vote for your favorite mobile application ;-) Awards

November 30th, 2008

fringsters the time has come to once again nominate your favorite mobile application for a prestigious award. Following the success of the 2007 Crunchies awards, nominations are now open for the 2008 awards.

“Readers are invited to nominate their favorite product or company in each of the fifteen award categories. Readers can vote once a day until nominations end Wednesday, December 10, 2008 Midnight PST.

Five finalists will be selected for each award category and popular voting will run from December 15 – January 5, 2009 Midnight PST. The winners will be announced live at the award ceremony on January 9 in San Francisco.”

Let the nominations begin.

November 26th, 2008


We have just released a new version for iPhone and iPod touch. This version ( should fix the connection issues on the new 2.2 firmware.
Also on this version: French localization and bug fixes based on your feedback.

To get it, simply download the update from App Store.

And as always, we’d love to get your comments.

November 17th, 2008

Hey guys

fring now has millions of fringsters covering the globe and as we grow up we want to make sure that fring remains free to download, free to use for all of our fringsters forever!

So, in line with our biz strategy, we’re about to trial the new fring ads program.

We wanted to give you the heads-up, as you may soon see small clickable advertising banners in the fring chat window, beneath the chat itself. Clicking the ad will open your browser and take you to the advertiser’s site; you may even find extra special offers, cool promos & other nice surprises behind the click from time to time :-) And, more clicks mean happy advertisers; and happy advertisers mean more resources for us to develop cool new stuff for you to play with in fring!

We’re starting the ad trials with just a small number of randomly selected fringsters each day and we’ve worked hard to make sure that your fringing experience isn’t affected in any way, but as always, we’re really keen to hear your feedback.

The fring team

November 17th, 2008

We love seeing all the videos that fringsters around the world create about their experiences with fring. So we’ve collected a few from around the web and created a special location to view, vote,comment, share ideas, give feedback and of course contribute new clips.

It’s all happening here so come over, take a look have your say or add your own.

BTW: To recognize your filmmaking talents, we’re doing a small ‘fring Oscars’ with some cool prizes to win in two different categories: Best Rated Clip, which is based on “ratings” given by you, through youTube (beginning Nov. 17 2008) & fring’s “Unofficial” Committee’s Favorite (basically the one that we at fring think is the coolest)…

The lucky winners will get a brand-new shiny iPod touch!

So go ahead and mail your fring video/link to: and…may the best fringster win!

September 30th, 2008

Have you been checking out the fring add-ons? Check out the website’s Add-on catalog here.

My favourite is the Gmail notifier.

fring AddOn for Gmail

'fring AddOn for Gmail'

Here’s one of our famous fring videos on Add-ons…


September 28th, 2008

The Australian technology newsletter “ITWire” reports that “61 percent of global population now using mobile phones“.

The International Telecommunication Union Secretary-General Hamadoun Toure has announced that the total number of worldwide mobile cellular subscribers will reach 4 billion before the end of 2008.
Or, to put it another way, that means a global penetration level of 61 percent for mobile phone subscriptions. Compare that to a figure of just 12 percent in the year 2000 and you can appreciate how we have become a cellphone crazy planet in a very short time indeed.

That’s a social, technological and economic revolution that dwarfs most of what we read on newspaper headlines every day.

Now you know why fring has such an international focus!

BTW- The ITU, the UN’s International Telecommunications Union, has their own Youtube Channel. Another Youtube channel worth exploring is fringland’s channel. When we tell you we’re fringing everywhere, we mean it!

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