Sandy’s fring fling

“I want Sandy” is a great new Web 2.0 service that gives you a on-line personal assistant, Sandy.

Well thats the branding and it’s fun. What it really provides is an on-line reminder service that works by e-mail, web interface and Twitter. Sandy comes with a powerful near natural language text interface that can turn “remind me to ring bob tommorrow at 9 pm” into an e-mail or Twitter “tweet” that actually reminds you to call him. Sandy can also handle repeating reminders as well. Don’t forget your second cousin’s wedding anniversary ever again.

My brief description of Sandy’s capabilities doesn’t do it, or should I say, her, justice. The best advice is to try Sandy out and see. And there is a real fun factor in this application too. I hate it when you read software reviews that say “this application rocks!” But this one really does.

But wait there’s more!

Sandy speaks Twitter. Although the onsite instructions for marrying Sandy to Twitter still need some work, the whole process is not difficult. Sandy can tweet reminders to you and you can tweet Sandy (or “S” as she’s known in the Twitter-verse) with what you’ll need to be reminded on.

Twitter, the world’s most popular microblogging service, plays an important service multiplier role for Sandy. Sandy uses Twitter to provide an SMS text messaging interface from Sandy to the whole mobile phone world. Well not quite. It is the whole mobile phone world if you define the world as the United States. To date Sandy / Twitter phone support is limited to US carriers.

This is where fring comes to the rescue. Sandy’s Twitter interface can also provide IM (Instant Messaging) output to services like G-Talk. Google Talk. And G-Talk talks to fring.

So Sandy users outside the US, via fring, have access to Sandy’s Twitter mobile phone reminder service. Even US based Sandyites may find fringing Sandy cheaper depending on the fine print and pricing particulars of their cell phone contract.

And did I mention the Australian connection?

“I want Sandy” is definitely a homage to the much covered great 1965 pop classic “I want Candy”. It was released by “The Strangeloves”. The greatest fake Australian band of all time.

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