tricks for fring twitters

By now we all know that fring supports Twitter but there is a growing list of third party applications that are now Twitter enabled. That makes them fring enabled too.

Here are some examples of the things fring Twitters can now try…

Use Twittercal to update your Google Calendar from Twitter. See here.

Use “I want Sandy” to provide an integrated web – Twitter – fring – email appointment reminder service. See here.

You can use fring and Twitter to send reminders to your computer with Kwiry. See here.

Manage your “Remember The Milk” based “to do” list with Twitter and fring. See here.

System administrators and others can use Twitter and fring to automatically monitor their server’s status. See here.

Track how you progress (or don’t progress) your household chores with Mychores. See here.

Get BBC news headlines via Twitter (..and fring). See here. Other Twitter-ised news services are listed here.

Track fake personalities in cyberspace. Here’s a list.

In case you don’t know how to set up Twitter on fring you can check out our “how to” video here.

YouTube Preview Image

I’m sure we’ll discover more fring twitter tricks in 2008

Fred Brunel says:

Hi Tim,

Thank you for mentioning Twittercal; I’m glad you found it useful.

Wilson says:

Fring DOES NOT work fine with Twitter.

Native support implement just a small part of Twitter commands and also is very common to fail. See this here:

Twitter via GTalk in Fring WAS much better than native support. This used to work fine till a few weeks ago. Now even this way is impossible to use Twitter. See this here:

Bottom line: Fring today in fact does not support Twitter. I can’t understand why Fring blogs write that much about Fring and Twitter.

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