the bic idea

Did you know that disposable pen, disposable razor company “Bic” has now got into the mobile phone business? Engadget tells the story here and ‘Network World’ has more here.

Bic aren’t proposing disposable mobile phones. At least, not yet. But the idea of a low cost ready-to-go mobile phone is certainly a good one.

YouTube Preview Image

Communications analysts Budde Communications say that the mobile phone marketplace is being split.

“Over the next five years both the high and low-end mobile devices are set to rise sharply, whilst the mid-tier market is predicted to significantly decline. At the high-end of the market, commuters are increasingly switching to more advanced devices, called smart phones, that can handle applications such as email, and web browsing. At the same time, sales of simple cheap mobile phones are booming as Nokia and other phone makers move into emerging markets….”

So the bic idea strikes me as one that could pay off. I don’t see them displacing smartphones (which are fring country) but they may provide families with an economic way to provide phones for the children. Ask parents how many phones their kids have lost or broken and you’ll get the idea!

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