‘cellphone crazy planet’

The Australian technology newsletter “ITWire” reports that “61 percent of global population now using mobile phones“.

The International Telecommunication Union Secretary-General Hamadoun Toure has announced that the total number of worldwide mobile cellular subscribers will reach 4 billion before the end of 2008.
Or, to put it another way, that means a global penetration level of 61 percent for mobile phone subscriptions. Compare that to a figure of just 12 percent in the year 2000 and you can appreciate how we have become a cellphone crazy planet in a very short time indeed.

That’s a social, technological and economic revolution that dwarfs most of what we read on newspaper headlines every day.

Now you know why fring has such an international focus!

BTW- The ITU, the UN’s International Telecommunications Union, has their own Youtube Channel. Another Youtube channel worth exploring is fringland’s channel. When we tell you we’re fringing everywhere, we mean it!

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