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Uncategorized Gabriel on 02 May 2014

fringOut Prices to India


It seems that once again we are entering a period of global pricing fluctuations for calls to India….

Like all other providers we will be updating the rates for this important destination and remain committed to provide you extremely competitive prices for both mobile and fixed destinations.

In the coming days and weeks we invite you to check our rates on this page – http://bit.ly/11gsJSa

Happy fringing…!

Uncategorized Gabriel on 11 Mar 2014

fring on CultureMob

We loved reading culturemob.com article on the top calling apps.

Uncategorized Gabriel on 08 Jan 2014

Welcoming 2014 With a New fring!

A new year is here and what a better way to welcome 2014 that a spanking new fring app for iOS!

We updated the look throughout the application and it now feels right at home in iOS7 with a smooth and clean green and white flat theme.
Let us know how you like it!

New Dialpad

New Address Book

While we were at it we added a few functionalities that many of you requested:
- The text size in the timeline can now be personalized, making it larger or smaller as you see fit

- During fringOut calls you now have a simple way to monitor the quality of the IP connection you are using. If the connection is bad it may impact the call quality – you may be in a bad cellular coverage or using a congested Wi-Fi router.

You can download the new fring for iOS here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fring/id290948830?mt=8
We hope you like it!

P.S. We have great new features cooking in our labs, stick around!

Uncategorized Gabriel on 28 Dec 2013

A Happy New Year With LOW INDIA PRICES

It’s the end of the year and we should be celebrating with our family and friends. If you can’t spend time with them, fring them and wish them a happy new year!

To help you reach all your friends we are lowering the cost of calling India to 1.45 US cents per minute.

Wishing you and your loved ones a Happy New Year!

The fring team

Uncategorized Gabriel on 18 Oct 2013

RCR Wireless – Video Interview with GENBAND CEO David Walsh

During a recent video interview with Martha DeGrasse from RCR Wireless David Walsh discusses a number of topics. David’s insights on the fring acquisition are about 9 minutes into the interview.

Very informative!

Click here for full interview

Uncategorized Gabriel on 24 Sep 2013

Glad to announce fring Telco OTT deployment in Bouygues Telecom!

French operator Bouygues Telecom partners with GENBAND to deliver fring’s “Telco OTT” service, providing free calls & SMS for subscribers travelling worldwide

For more information:
- Press Release
- World & YOU

Uncategorized Gabriel on 12 Sep 2013

fring joins the GENBAND Family!

Our journey from pioneering mobile VoIP to joining GENBAND

Since pioneering mobile Voice-over-IP communications back in 2006, we’ve had a great ride. We’ve enjoyed and driven this industry’s technological, financial and social evolution from a time in which only a few had smartphones smart enough to make the world’s first free mobile VoIP calls, to a world where consumers expect the rich services and cost savings that mobile Internet communication delivers.

We’re now very excited to join GENBAND, bringing your customers and their subscribers the mobile multimedia communications enjoyed by tens of millions of our fring users around the world, on all major smartphones and tablets, over any Internet connection.

Here’s a fun, speedy video catch-up on our exciting journey from our debut as the world’s first way to make free mobile calls over IP, to the first to enable twitter mobile in 2007, the first with VoIP calls on the iPhone (even before the launch of the App Store), and the first to bring video calls and group video to mobile.

Throughout this journey, I have been extremely proud of our innovative team of mobile developers, user experience specialists and mobile industry experts headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel. Together we have earned accolades from global media, heralding our market leadership and rich mobile communication services.

Then in 2012 we continued our journey toward what was to become this exciting collaboration with GENBAND. We launched our white-label Telecom OTT offering for mobile and fixed carriers, enterprises and Internet Service Providers (ISPs), providing high-quality, low-cost mobile communication over Internet services.

Now, with rapid time to market leveraging our tried and tested solutions, your customers and their users will enjoy world-leading, award-winning, rich mobile communications services developed and fine-tuned over the past decade.

Through an easy-to-use, white-label service that includes capabilities for  group video chat, 2-way video chat, voice-only calls and text chat, GENBAND’s integration of fring solutions empowers service providers and mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) to compete with OTT solutions.

In addition to serving GENBAND’s customers’ unique service needs and specifications, our fring team will continue to innovate, develop and stay closely in attuned to market demands via the fring community of tens of millions of users across 200 countries, using all major smartphones and tablets (iPhone/ iPod touch/iPad, Android phones & tablets, Windows Mobile and Nokia devices) over any Internet connection ((3G/4G, Wi-Fi, GPRS, EDGE).

We’re excited to join the GENBAND team and are looking forward to continuing this great journey together.

Uncategorized Gabriel on 08 Sep 2013

Cheaper Rates for India!

What goes up must come down….

We are happy to announce that our rates to India have dropped and are now 1.94 cents (US$) per minute!!

Worldwide calling rates for India have gone down by over 30% and we are happy to pass this discount to our users.

So… happy fringing!

Uncategorized Gabriel on 21 Aug 2013

Possible fringOut Issues

As fring users you know we are always working on improving our service. The most visible part are the apps for Android and iOS which we update every few weeks – introduce new features, polish the user experience and squash a few bugs.

The part that less visible to you as a fring users is what we do on our “cloud”: our servers and their connectivity to you and to our telephony partners.

For years we managed to keep server upgrades invisible to users and kept the service running even when major infrastructure changes were performed.

Today we are facing a new phase of server infrastructure upgrades which this time may end up having an impact on our fringOut service.

If you have a problem making fringOut calls in the coming days we apologize and ask for your patience. Hopefully the impact will be limited in scope and time.

Thank you for your support and understanding,

The fring team

Uncategorized Gabriel on 17 Jul 2013

Telco OOT in an RCS World


Telecom industry is being challenged, it is fighting to stay relevant and business viable, required to continue showing growth and profitability. Challenges from players offering – VoIP, chat, video, SIM less devices, BYOD, and other rich media IP based services present a threat and an opportunity.
Carriers considering their strategy have two paths to consider: Internet based communication OTT and RCS by GSMA. Naturally Pro’s and Con’s for each solution. risks and benefits going hand in hand.
Yet, to large extent, OTT and RCS are complementary from value proposition and product offering. Considering from within dual spearhead approach can be relevant, effective and tangible tactical approach for many carries , MVNOs, MVNEs and OEMs.

Click HERE to review our perspective on RCS and how it would coexist with Telco OTT solutions.

Let us know what you think…

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