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News & Product & Release & Updates & fringOut & iPhone/iPod Gabriel on 08 Jan 2014

Welcoming 2014 With a New fring!

A new year is here and what a better way to welcome 2014 that a spanking new fring app for iOS!

We updated the look throughout the application and it now feels right at home in iOS7 with a smooth and clean green and white flat theme.
Let us know how you like it!

New Dialpad

New Address Book

While we were at it we added a few functionalities that many of you requested:
- The text size in the timeline can now be personalized, making it larger or smaller as you see fit

- During fringOut calls you now have a simple way to monitor the quality of the IP connection you are using. If the connection is bad it may impact the call quality – you may be in a bad cellular coverage or using a congested Wi-Fi router.

You can download the new fring for iOS here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fring/id290948830?mt=8
We hope you like it!

P.S. We have great new features cooking in our labs, stick around!

iPhone/iPod admin on 17 Dec 2009

New version for iPhone/iPod touch

Hello fringsters,

We’ve just released a new version to the App Store ( This is a small maintenance release for a better fring experience on your iPhone & iPod touch.

Main features:

- Video quality improvements
- Bug fixes
- New video test call

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your great feedback and kind words about the recently released video feature. We’ll keep on working to improve it and bring more features, coming early next year.


The fring Team

News & iPhone/iPod admin on 01 Dec 2009

fring brings world’s first video calls to iPhone and iPod touch

And what a new year’s gift this is… the world’s first video calls over internet on the iPhone and iPod Touch!
fringsters with iPhones and iPod Touch (and selected Nokia devices as announced last week) can now see all their family and friends on fring and Skype this Holiday Season!

Right now iPhone and iPod touch users can receive and make fring and Skype video calls entirely over Internet connection (for free!) and see the person on the other end. When a front camera is placed on these, we’ll have two-way video calls available here too just as we do on all the supported Nokia devices.

Just download the new fring version now and see your family and friends on fring and Skype these holidays!

iPhone_video iphone details

Your feedback and comments are welcome, as always.

The fringTEAM

News & iPhone/iPod admin on 22 Oct 2009

iPhone/iPod version for the visually impaired

Hello fringsters,

This is a note to our visually impaired users:

We’ve been listening to your comments about fring’s latest iPhone and iPod touch releases and, while we’re rushing to the next (and exciting) version, we’ve created this special version of the previous release ( especially for you.

This version is titled “fring – visually impaired version” and is available at the App Store.

Thanks for your patience.

The fringTeam

Around the fring & News & iPhone/iPod admin on 07 Oct 2009

fring for iPhone over 3G on its way!

We’re very excited about AT&T’s announcement today (confirmed by Apple) that its 3G wireless network will be open to third-party Internet voice applications on iPhone.

Until now fring users could only use fring on their iPhone over Wi-Fi, so this comes as great news for us and our iPhone fringsters.

iphonescreenshots 001

fring’s dev team is hard at work, making sure we will be ready to go once 3G iPhone gates are open . We will be live before you can even say “fring for iPhone over 3G on its way!” with the  new  feature-packed version we released just today… but also over 3G!


News & iPhone/iPod admin on 07 Oct 2009

New iPhone/iPod version: New look, profiles, copy paste and links

fring’s latest iPhone & iPod touch version(  is now available on the App Store, with a new look, more integration between social networks, improved voice and much more!

The new version includes a new user profile, which allows you to update your fring nickname, avatar and mood text, and broadcast it back to your IM friends. You can also see your friends’ avatars and mood texts from other networks – currently on Skype, others coming soon.

You can also now use SkypeOut & SIP to call your friends directly from the fring address book with a much clearer line thanks to our voice team’s big effort to improve voice quality!

If that’s not enough we added- copy/paste & linking capabilities to save you time while chatting away with your friends and speakerphone support for all voice calls.

German users, we got some great news for you too – fring on iPhone/ iPod touch is also now available in your native language!

As you can see, we’ve been busy fringbees – improving features, introducing new capabilities and always staying ahead of the pack to continue being the ultimate social community hub for your iPhone/ iPod touch.

iPhone_buddy-list iPhone_profile
iPhone_chat iPhone_my-profile

So go get the new version today and as always, feedback is much appreciated!

The fringTEAM

Friends finder week & Video & iPhone/iPod admin on 19 Jul 2009

How to add friends on iPhone/iPod touch [friends finder week]

So you have fring on your iPhone/ iPod touch, how very lucky you are!

The only thing left is to have all your friends on fring on as well.

The way to do that is short, sweet &  simple:

Go to “More” > “Add new buddy

If you know your friend’s fring User ID choose “By fring User ID

Enter your friend’s fring User ID, fring will search the fring directory and when found, will let you know. Your friend needs to approve the request and Walla! You are now both fring friends.

add new buddy add new buddy2

If you want to add friends from your phone address book choose “By phone contact”. Select a friend from you phone address book, next fring will search for your friend in the fring directory.

In case your friends still don’t have fring, drop them a word.

Keep in mind, the more fring friends, the merrier!

Happy fringing

Friends finder week & iPhone/iPod admin on 19 Jul 2009

How to install fring on iPhone/iPod touch [friends finder week]

fring is available to download from the Appstore, completely free!

Go to the AppStore and search for fring.

Once the download is finished, a fring icon will appear on your iPhone/iPod touch desktop. Tap on it.

This will take you to the “Account setup” screen.

If you are a new user- choose “New user”. In case you’ve actually registered to fring in the past, no matter with which device, choose “Existing user” and login.

Now you are ready to fring- a- way.


The fringTEAM

News & iPhone/iPod admin on 17 Jul 2009

New fring iPhone version with Push Notification

As recently announced by Apple, the new iPhone 3.0 software update has a great new feature- Push Notification. The Notification was created so dynamic applications such as fring, can keep running in the background even when you’re not logged on.

What does it do? When you log out of fring, it keeps you in “online” status so your buddies can contact you, and you can choose whether to respond to an alert notifying you that someone is trying to chat, call, send you files, etc.

How does it work? Whenever someone calls/chats you, you’ll receive a beep sound, as well as a pop-up window, telling you that your friend is trying to contact you. Once you click on that pop-up window, it’ll log you back into fring and take you straight to the relevant window.

How do you register? Push Notification is enabled by Apple itself; once you download the new version, you’ll be asked whether you’d like to enable this option for fring, click ‘enable‘ and you’re ready to go.

If you choose to temporarily disable this option you can simply click on ‘more‘ and then on ‘go offline‘; so once you log out of fring, Push Notification will be disabled, until next time you log in.

So go get the new version now and let us know what you think!

Note: If you’re using a prior firmware version (such as the 2.2) you can still use the ‘always on’ add on, released a few months ago.

The fringTEAM

News & iPhone/iPod admin on 06 Jul 2009

New fring version for iPhone/iPod Touch (

fring’s  new iPhone & iPod touch version , hitting the App Store today is aimed to improve the voice quality for fring VoIP calls. The new version also provides better connectivity and other quality improvements, all contributing to an even better fringing experience!

As some of you might have noticed, originally this latest version was to include Apple’s new Push Notification feature, which was later disabled due to some technical difficulties and will be available on fring’s next iPhone version, currently submitted to the AppStore.  Stay tuned!

So go get the new version now and let us know what you think.


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