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How To & Video & friends of fring & web tools admin on 21 Jul 2009

How to invite friends from the fring website [friends finder week]

The new fring “friends finder” section on the fring website gives you many ways to invite new friends to join you on fring.

Invite by email: just enter your own & your friend’s email address to the form. You can enter multiple addresses by separating them with a comma. This is the email your friends will get.

Find on other networks: you can invite your hotmail, gmail. Yahoo mail & AOL mail friends to fring. It is sweet and simple; just enter your email service credentials onto the form, make sure you are logged into fring with your fring credentials, and click “Next”.

First, fring will locate your email friends that are fringsters. Next,  you can easily invite them to become your fring buddies (use the “add as friends” button)

The second step is to send an email invitation to all your email friends that are not yet fringsters. Just use the “send email invitation” button. This is the email you will send them.

Note: All information is submitted securely & fring does not store any of this information. Your credentials are safe and fring will never use them again without your specific approval.

Friends finder week & How To admin on 16 Jul 2009

How to add friends on S60 [friends finder week]

fring is a great tool to keep in touch with your friends. Since this week is all about you and your friends, today we’re going to learn how to add friends on your S60 device.

This quick tutorial refers to fring 3.40:

Click Options à Manage buddies à Add new buddy


Your address book will open. You can scroll and click Select on any contact. The contact’s phone number will be shown on the search screen and an option to Add or Cancel will appear. If the user is already a fring user, the contact will be added to your buddy list. If the user has not yet registered with fring, an SMS will be sent to him, asking him/her to join fring.


If you click Other on the address book screen, you’ll be able to manually enter the phone number (including the int. prefix) and click add.
If the user is already a fring user, the contact will be added to your buddy list. If the user has not yet registered with fring, an SMS will be sent to him, asking him/her to join fring.

That’s it – it’s simple and it’s fun to add more friends. :-)

How To & iPhone/iPod admin on 06 Apr 2009

Feature highlight: Always-on

Hi guys

As you know, we released the new iPhone version a few days ago and the feedback so far has been great!
Several people have asked us about their always-on presence option even when fring is turned off, so here is a communal explanation for y’all:

The new Always-On feature keeps you logged into fring even when the fring application is closed on your iPhone/iPod touch.

It works like this:

To activate the Always-On add-on, click on ‘More‘ –> Add-ons –> Always on.
You’ll get the following screen


Enter the email address you have  configured  into  your iPhone and click ‘Send
Within a few seconds you should get an activation email. Open the email on your iPhone and click the link to activate the service.

Once you’ve clicked the link and activated the service you can click the home button and fring will keep you logged in. This of course works with  all the services you use on fring ( fring, Skype, MSN, Google talk, ICQ, Yahoo etc)

How do I get the notifications?

To get the notifications in real time you should have your email address configured to be “pushed” to your iPhone/iPod. Once you got that  done,  you’ll get an email  whenever  someone’s  trying to call/chat  you. Just open the mail and click the link –> fring will open up  on your phone and display the message.

If you don’t click the link  within  5 minutes    – we will log you off from the Always-on service and won’t send you more notifications until you log in again to fring (we don’t like spam…)

I’ve registered to the add-on, Now I want to go offline, How do I do that?


Open fring, click on ‘More‘ –> Add-ons –> Always-on.

You’ll get the above pop up. If you click on ‘Disable’ we will log you off from the service until the next time you open fring. Or, you can unsubscribe from the add-on completely (but why would you want to do that ! ? :-) )

A few things:
1. Currently this feature is available for UK and US users only but no worries… we will  gradually  make it available  to all countries.
2. Once you’ve subscribed to this service we will keep you online  for  between 2-4 hours. This time frame may vary based on country as we are still fine-tuning this process in order to optimize your experience.
3. As we mentioned in the initial blog post, this feature will eventually use Apple’s 3.0 firmware notification SDK,  once it’s  made  publicly.

We are hoping to add more countries in the next few weeks so stay tuned for more news.

As always, your comments and feedback is much appreciated!

The fringTEAM

How To admin on 17 Nov 2008

fring goes to the movies

We love seeing all the videos that fringsters around the world create about their experiences with fring. So we’ve collected a few from around the web and created a special location to view, vote, comment, share ideas, give feedback and of course contribute new clips.

It’s all happening here so come over, take a look have your say or add your own.

BTW: To recognize your filmmaking talents, we’re doing a small ‘fring Oscars’ with some cool prizes to win in two different categories: Best Rated Clip, which is based on “ratings” given by you, through youTube (beginning Nov. 17 2008) & fring’s “Unofficial” Committee’s Favorite (basically the one that we at fring think is the coolest)…
The lucky winners will get a brand-new shiny iPod touch!

So go ahead and mail your fring video/link to: video@fring.com and…may the best fringster win!

How To & News & Video admin on 17 May 2007

Twitter inside!

What do you get when you give twitters free air time?

fringing mobile twits!

(or fritters – but unless you’re hungry, that ain’t going to satisfy you)

fring has fully integrated twitter so now all you twitters can stay in touch with your twitting friends wherever you are and without paying for all those SMSs!

If you’ve been sleeping for the last few months and don’t know what twitter is, click here :-)

So how can I become a fringing twitter?

The fun part about this integration is that you don’t have to do anything to get it. Just open fring on your handset –> go to ‘Settings’ –> ‘Configure services’ –> (scroll down) ‘twitter’ should be there waiting and ready to go.

Once you’ve entered your Twitter credentials, you should have a new twitter contact added to your fring contact list. You can then update your followers and get updates from the people you follow directly from fring.

We’ve made a little video to show you how it works:

This video was embedded using the YouTuber plugin by Roy Tanck. Adobe Flash Player is required to view the video.

While we’re here, I should also let you know that this server update also includes improved anti-spam filters for all Skype users out there. We hope that we managed to solve that issue now. (Let us know if not)

Happy fringing!

How To & Video admin on 14 May 2007

How to make a fring call – The Russian version

Our users in Russia wanted to have their own version of the famous “How to make a fring call without a SIM card” video, Fair enough. So, we asked our new support team member Vadim to shoot the Russian version. I think he did a good job (although I can’t understand a word)
This video was embedded using the YouTuber plugin by Roy Tanck. Adobe Flash Player is required to view the video.

If you feel like creating your own ‘fring with no SIM card’ video (or any other fring related video) in your own language – we’ll be happy to upload it here for all the other fringsters to see.

How To & Video admin on 26 Mar 2007

How to make a SIP call using fring

This video was embedded using the YouTuber plugin by Roy Tanck. Adobe Flash Player is required to view the video.

Around the fring & How To ephraim on 13 Mar 2007

Twitter with fring

Last night I attended a demo session for an exiting new product that should be released in the next few weeks. The product is called 8Hands and basically it’s a PC-based solution for all most of your social networking needs. Anyway, it’s cool and I cannot wait to start using it.

This meeting last night brought to my geeky attention a new buzz word that I was not aware of until yesterday – it’s called Twitter and now that I check on it, it seems like the new thing.

So, what is twitter?
“A global community of friends and strangers answering one simple question: What are you doing?”

Now you probably think to yourself: “And why would that be of any interest to the public?

The answer is that I still don’t know (hey, you must appreciate my honesty here), really. I’ve just started to use it and it looks cool although I can see how it can get addictive when I’ll have more friends there.

So, what’s the first thing you do when you find a cool new service? Right! You try to see how this can work with fring. And guess what?? It does. And it actually can save you a few $$ too.

There are 3 ways to twitter:
1. Web – You go to twitter.com, log in and write
2. SMS – You can activate your phone with your twitter account and just twitter from your phone by sending a text message to a specific number
3. IM – You can activate twitter on your IM (Google Talk for example) and twitter directly from your Google Talk account.

My thoughts are:
1. Web solution is nice when you are on your PC but you have to open a browser and login to their website every time you want to twitter – not good for me (I will never remember to do that)
2. SMS – Good idea when you’re away from your desk but might cost you a lot of money if you’re a heavy twitter.
3. IM – My preferred method since IM clients are always open on my PC.

But, if I want to update my twitter on the way and not pay extra for each and every message?
Right! I use it from fring.

Twitter on fring 

To do that, you can simply update your twitter account so you can send your messages through Google Talk (you’ll need to add twitter@twitter.com to your contact list and set it on activation code) – once you’re done, you can open fring on your handset and send messages to ‘Twitter’ on your contact list.

It’s simple and even if you’re not a heavy twitterer (?), this might save you some $$


How To ephraim on 05 Mar 2007

Tips and tricks

UMTS only

A friend of mine called me on fring a few days ago and said he had found something that I might want to share with the entire fring community. He’s based in the UK and since he is sometimes forced to use a GPRS connection and not 3G, his fring calls are not as good as he would like them to be.

On some networks, you may be able to improve your connection by changing the settings on your handset from using fring in dual mode to UMTS/3G only. To change this on your Nokia handset, simply go to Tools –> Settings –> Network. Under the ‘Network Mode‘ tab, change it to ‘UMTS‘ or 3G instead of GSM or dual mode.

UMTS only

I’ve tested it here and it seems to be working just fine… no more GPRS for me.

There is however a disclaimer for this tip: My friend is based in Europe and we’ve heard from a few more users that this tweak of the settings helped them get a better voice quality. However, if the 3G deployment is not so good in your country – you might have to skip this tip. But you know what? It doesn’t cost you anything to try. Right?
How do you make a fring shortcut on your standby screen?

As a musician I know that if I have my guitar locked in the closet and not on its stand, I can go on a few days without playing a note. What does that have to do with fring? It’s a metaphor! See?
Today we will learn how to make a shortcut for fring so you won’t have to go through 4 menus before you get it started.
So how do you do that?

It depends…

If you love fring and would like to place a shortcut on your Left/Right softkey, go to ‘Tools‘ –> ‘Settings‘ –> ‘Phone‘ –> ‘Standby Mode‘. Go to the Left/Right selection key menu item and choose fring from the list. At the same place you can choose whether you’d like fring to start every time you hit the Left/Right/Up/Down joystick.

If you really love fring and would like to place a shortcut on one of the 5 applications on the top of your active standby screen, go to ‘Tools‘ –> ‘Settings‘ –> ‘Phone‘ –> ‘Standby Mode‘ (make sure you have ‘Active standby’ mode set to ‘On’), click on ‘Active standby apps‘ and choose the exact location you’d like to use.


Until next time… keep on fringing in the free world.

How To & Video ephraim on 01 Mar 2007

How to make a call without a sim card?

This video was embedded using the YouTuber plugin by Roy Tanck. Adobe Flash Player is required to view the video.

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