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News ephraim on 14 Aug 2012 11:27 am

The Finish Line

The Olympics were awesome! We watched, yelled, cheered and marveled at the feats of our favorite athletes. For one second before we get back to work, let’s briefly reflect on the journey…

Athletes work for years, day in and day out, to become experts at their chosen craft. They run, jump, exercise, train vigorously to become one of the best- and then they go out and prove their greatness against the best the world has to offer. When they cross that finish line and realize all their hard work paid off, their smiles and tears of jubilation say it all. Additionally, the knowledge that millions of their countrymen back home are celebrating makes victory even sweeter.

courtesy of http://bit.ly/MtNDHN

A few weeks ago foxnews.com named fring one of the 30 best apps for the iPhone. There are over half a million apps available- and we were chosen as one of the best! This is a wonderful recognition of the thousands of man-hours our team of experts has spent- day in, day out- creating an app for everyone’s use.

Being among the best is gratifying. Even more important is the constant positive feedback we receive from fans, like this comment posted on Facebook:

“No one of my friends knew about fring here in Denmark before. I introduced them to fring and even helped them to download via mobile. The second thing I did is I went to Tanzania this year and helped all my sisters and brothers to download fring on their mobile. Now we are communicating using fring via mobile. Fring is amazing for me….. “

Awards are nice. Knowing that our fans are home using our app and cheering for us- priceless!

P.S. For a bit of nostalgia, here’s our blog post from the 2008 Beijing Olympics!

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