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News ephraim on 03 Sep 2012 12:54 pm

Kids Are Smart. But Should They Have A Smartphone?

Nostalgia: I remember the blue bus that picked me up, Mrs. Hamill- the homeroom teacher and yes, falling asleep on the bus on the way home. The first day of Grade One can be exhausting!

When it comes to education, there’s a plethora of apps, games and programs meant to teach children in an interactive way. When away from school, parents let their kids use their phones to play, make phonecalls and more. But should small children have their own smartphone?

I was amazed at this study out of the UK- 2.8 million children have a smartphone – including almost a million 8-12 year olds (25%)! These kids have their smartphones with them all day- instead of reading Archie comics during class, they can play Angry Birds! Apparently Microsoft has seen studies about smartphones and kid usage- they’re unveiling a “Kid’s Corner” homepage on Windows Phone 8.

It makes sense for kids to have a phone- a parent may be delayed coming home and wants to let the child know. But I wonder how many parents out there feel that pre-teens NEED an iPhone or Galaxy.

Do your kids/nieces/nephews have smartphones? Do they use them for educational purposes or mainly games? What do you think about school-age kids and phones- Necessity, nice-to-have or not needed?

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