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Uncategorized Gabriel on 17 Jul 2013 02:27 pm

Telco OOT in an RCS World


Telecom industry is being challenged, it is fighting to stay relevant and business viable, required to continue showing growth and profitability. Challenges from players offering – VoIP, chat, video, SIM less devices, BYOD, and other rich media IP based services present a threat and an opportunity.
Carriers considering their strategy have two paths to consider: Internet based communication OTT and RCS by GSMA. Naturally Pro’s and Con’s for each solution. risks and benefits going hand in hand.
Yet, to large extent, OTT and RCS are complementary from value proposition and product offering. Considering from within dual spearhead approach can be relevant, effective and tangible tactical approach for many carries , MVNOs, MVNEs and OEMs.

Click HERE to review our perspective on RCS and how it would coexist with Telco OTT solutions.

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