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Uncategorized ephraim on 12 Jun 2013

Lower rates to India!

A few weeks ago we posted about market fluctuations for calling rates to India.
You will be glad to hear that market prices for India have gone down, allowing us to pass that saving to you with lower rates to all our users!

Our rates are now 2.9 $ cents per minute.

Happy Calling!!


Uncategorized ephraim on 12 May 2013

First fringIN lines sold!


In recent years our fringOUT service enabled users to call out to any phone number worldwide, revolutionizing how international calls are placed. By routing the calls over IP we have eliminated the high cost of international interconnect and allowed users to place outgoing calls to anywhere in the world for extremely low rates.

With the introduction of fringIN we are doing the same for incoming calls! fringIN users receive a dedicated phone number in the country of their choice and any call made to this number will be routed over IP to the user’s fring app – anywhere in the world! Your friends, family, colleagues and customers can call your fringIN number at low local rates and your fring app will ring – no matter where you are in the world at no extra charge!

Last week we invited our users to purchase the very first fringIN numbers available in the US and UK and we are seeing a fantastic response!
We are processing the great number of requests we received and the first users who already submitted their payment will receive their fringIN number in the coming days!

We thank you all for your confidence and happy fring-ing!!

For more information on the fringIN trial click here.

Uncategorized ephraim on 02 Apr 2013

fringOut Prices to India


It seems we are entering a period of global pricing fluctuations for routing calls to India….

Like all other providers we will be updating the rates for this important destination and remain committed to provide you extremely competitive prices for both mobile and fixed destinations.

In the coming days and weeks we invite you to check our rates on this page – http://bit.ly/11gsJSa

Happy fringing…!

Uncategorized ephraim on 17 Mar 2013

fring @ Israel Dealmaker Summit 2013

fring was a guest speaker at the Israel Dealmaker Summit 2013 that took place on March 5th in New York.

Israel Dealmakers Summit 2013 is a premier two-day conference that brings together an invitation-only audience of senior executives from around the world to discuss innovation across key growth sectors including Digital Media, Healthcare, Internet, Cleantech, Medical Devices, Mobile, Semiconductors, Software, and Telecom.

Roy, our CEO, presented in the Mobile & Telecom session about OTT Telephony Snapshot & Opportunity – click here to review Roy’s presentation!

Uncategorized ephraim on 24 Feb 2013

We are moving forward…

fringer friends, in recent months we launched major upgrades of the fring applications for Apple, Android and Symbian devices, introducing a completely redesigned user interface, further improvement in the quality of our voice and video calls and support for using fring on several devices at once.

If you still use our older versions you have received by now several messages informing you about the new app availability with a direct link to the upgrade to facilitate the process. You have also been informed that in the coming days we will no longer be able to provide service to older versions.

Please understand that in order to guarantee a high quality of service to our entire customer base we must ask the remaining users of older versions to upgrade immediately.

Make sure your device is running a recent fring version:

• Ver. 7.2 (for Symbian 9.2 and above) http://bit.ly/VOfLuU

• Ver. 4.0 (for Android 2.2 and above) http://bit.ly/U2ETwg

• Ver. 6.0 (for iOS 4.3 and above) http://bit.ly/WQtnm9

In the coming days our service for older versions will be gradually suspended – unless you upgrade you will not be able to connect to the network.

fringOut users that upgrade and register with their phone number will see their existing fringOut balance automatically. Users that reinstall fring from scratch can restore their existing balance here: http://bit.ly/XBdtNR

We thank you for your support and invite you to move forward to a better and faster fring!

Uncategorized ephraim on 14 Feb 2013

fring Releases New Symbian Version

We just released version 7.00 of fring for Symbian, on a new, robust platform that’s better, faster and simpler for our users.

What’s new:

  • You can now communicate between Symbian and iOS, Android devices.
  • Faster registration using phone number in place of username / passwords
  • Better quality of service making all fring communication faster and easier
  • New & improved user interface
  • Improved video call quality based on your real-time bandwidth / network conditions

You can download it from here

Nokia smartphones

Other smarthphones (from your mobile browser)

NOTE: first time you upgrade to this version your previous credit will be shown automatically. If you reinstall from scratch you can restore your previous credit manually here

Happy fringing!

Uncategorized ephraim on 28 Dec 2012

New fring Version for Android

Today we are excited to announce our newest version of fring for Android.

We are always looking to improve our product based on our user’s comments and recommendations. Since our last Android release, we have listened, read and considered your feedback.

This version includes:
- UI improvements, including a new clean, white look & feel (as requested by many loyal fringsters)
- Storyline – showing all your integrated voice, group and video calls and text messages with each contact, in chronological order.
- Address Book Scroller – to see or search all of your contacts, just fring contacts or just favorites
- Improved, richer info card for contacts
- Several bug fixes

Thank you everyone who took the time to comment on our last release! We appreciate your feedback and want to hear from you about today’s release by completing this short, simple online survey . You can also contact us with your thoughts and suggestions at feedback@fring.com

iPhone and Symbian users – new versions for you are coming soon too – we’ll update you right here on our blog.

Stay tuned- we have LOTS more in store for you in the coming months!

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Uncategorized ephraim on 26 Dec 2012

fring New Years Special! Buy fringOut Credit- and You Could Win $10 of Bonus Credit!

It’s almost 2013- time to call family and friends to wish them a Happy New Year.

We wanted to celebrate with you, so we’re offering TEN lucky fringsters a gift $10 credit to talk more often, and for longer!

Buy any amount of fringOut credit until January 6, 2013 and enter our New Years lottery to win an extra $10 of fringOut credit to make free calls to family and friends on any landlines or mobile phones around the world!!

This offer is for current and new users. If you haven’t used fringOut before, it’s simple – just sign up here and start calling your family and friends on any phones (landline or mobile) around the world for nearly free.

Just click here to see our unbeatable fringOut rates, sign up or add credit and you’ll have a chance to win the $10 gift of bonus credit.

We will announce the 10 lucky winners on January 10th.

Good luck & happy fringing!

Uncategorized ephraim on 24 Dec 2012

Happy Holidays From fring

The holiday season is a special time for family and friends. We get together to share the good times- sit around the table, laugh, smile, take pictures of memories that will last forever.

The wonderful thing about technology is its ability to let everyone join in the fun. Someone is far away from the family celebration? Video call them and they’re there! The people you’re closest to are only a tap away.

Sometimes that tap is on a Nokia device, sometimes on a Galaxy III and for one lucky person this Holiday season, it is on a brand new iPhone 5.

Congratulations Tou of Fresno, CA- the winner of our fringOut promotion! Hope you enjoy this present from us to you.

As the New Year approaches, we look forward to continuing to provide you with the best service we can. Stay tuned as we have lots in store for you in 2013!

Wishing you and your families Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!
The fring  team

Uncategorized ephraim on 20 Dec 2012

Buy fringOut Credit With cashU- and Receive 20% More!

As the Holidays season approaches, many of you will be speaking to family and friends for longer than usual and we at fring want to do our part.

We’re excited to partner with cashU, the safest and most reliable online payment method in the Middle East and North Africa. To celebrate this partnership and the Holiday Season:

Buy any amount of fringOut credit between Dec 20-Dec 27, 2012, pay with cashU and receive an automatic 20% EXTRA credit!

For example, if you purchase $10 of credit- you will receive $2 more and have $12 altogether to use.

This special promotion is for current and new fringOut users. If you haven’t used fringOut before, it’s how you call family and friends on any landline or mobile phone around the world, for nearly free!

Just click here to see our unbeatable fringOut rates, sign up or add credit and receive your 20% bonus.

Happy Holidays and happy fringing!

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