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iPhone gets 2-way video calls to all leading mobile platforms on 3G

Sunday, July 11th, 2010

With the new fring for iPhone you get lots of fring goodies including 2 way video-calling where you want and with whom you want!

• Face-to-face video calls with friends on their Droids, Nokia (Symbian S60) and other iPhones
• Video calls over 3G or Wi-Fi (Performance over 3G is subject to mobile operators’ 3G coverage & quality)

Use that fancy new front-facing camera for video calls from the beach or from the mountain top (on 3G or Wifi) to your friends on whatever mobile phone they have. So even if they don’t have an iPhone 4 yet, you can see their pretty faces.

So go ahead and video call Elizabeth on her Evo, Ivan on his iPhone, see Ned on his Nokia or Debra on her Droid.

YouTube Preview Image

Also, the latest fring for iOS4 on iPhone 3GS & 4 includes loads of improved features including:

Multitasking so you can be always on and available with fring running in the background and alerting you to new video calls, voice calls or chat without proactively opening fring (just like on all other supported phones).

New Social Stream: A chronological stream of all tweets, facebook updates, chats and calls, all in one place! Easy cross-community communication and simple sorting capabilities.

A Smarter address book: simply manages your buddy list, merges contacts and more

Have fun and as always, feedback much appreciated!

The fringTEAM


Fortune.com features fring as a ‘king of apps’

Sunday, July 11th, 2010

Check out JP Mangalindan article “The new kings of Apps” where he reviews the movers and shakers for mobile Apps. JP spotlights fring and highlights fring’s video calling – letting fringsters video call their friends across mobile platforms and giving them the ability to switch between 3G and WiFi. Thanks JP.

So, if you haven’t seen your friends or family lately, than make sure to get fring now and give them a free fring video call today!


Football lovers – Snap it, post it, share it, like it – WIN BIG

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

fringsters listen up

This is your opportunity to shine and show us just how much you love football, your mobile phone and fring. In exchange we will give 3 fringsters shiny new Nokia N97 mini handsets courtesy of our freinds over at Nokia and Ovi Store. *

To this affect we have just lauched the fring football contest on our facebook.  We now invite you to upload your fring-a-fied football pictures to our wall and get your friends to “like” them.  The picture with the most “likes” wins.

We have made it easier for those who are not at the soccer to enter using cut and paste graphics as per the sample below.  However we encourage those of you lucky enough to be at the football to us your imagination, creativity and send us some way cool fring-a-fied football images.

As they say in the movies, may the best fring-a-fied picture win ;)

1. Download this image

2. Using some nifty computer software paste the hardhat above over your other image.  As per the sample below. If you havn’t got such software get your friends to help you.

3. Upload your fring-a-fied picture to this facebook wall.

4. Get your friends, family and co-workers to upload their own pics and “like” your pictures.

5. To get extra coverage and more brownie points link to them from your facebook, twitter and other social spaces.

6. Thats it.  Now sit back and watch as the “likes” roll in and you may just be the next winner.

To see what others are uploading click here.  We look forward to seeing all your fring-a-fied images soon.



Share your fringing World Cup Soccer action

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

As we get closer to the quarter finals of the Fifa World Cup Soccer and things start to heat up here in South Africa, We thought it good to remind everyone that fring is the only low cost mobile way to send home some exclusive soccer video action to friends and family.

So if you are in South Africa for the 2010 World Cup Soccer, why not share the love by live streaming your soccer experiance to those back home who are not as lucky to be at the game.

Millions of fringsters world wide are now daily video streaming to friends and family, in fact this is one of our most popular features.  So if you have not yet tried fringVIDEO give it a try today.

What are you waiting for live stream your South African soccer experiance to a friends of family today!


Android Video Calls – You can’t Get Enough!

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

To all you fringsters who participated in our main blog poll, we love the great response to Android video calls.
From the poll results, we’ve found out that:
- 54% of you are video calling your lover/partner
- 22% your kids/grand-kids.
- Only 7% told us that you are video calling your turtle

Now, with this latest release, we have worked on your feedback to include quality improvements and support for more Android devices including the Dell Streak, Sony Ericsson X10 and more.

YouTube Preview Image 

You’ll also notice the ads that enable us to keep all the video calls free.

So try video calling with the latest fring for Android here now !

The fringTEAM


fring on iPad: in your pocket & on your lap !

Saturday, June 5th, 2010

All of you know that wherever you are – fring is with you.

Of course, while we already have lots of fringsters on iPad in America, we wanted to welcome fring on iPad to the rest of the world.

You can simply download fring from the App store and enjoy easy chatting and calling from your iPad. And, of course, this is all free.

So it doesn’t matter if you are on the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or i-anything, fring is there for you.

Take a look and share your fring on iPad story with us!

YouTube Preview Image


1st Video Calls for Android Users!

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Android users –  you’ve got great devices – now you can share great experiences!

With free video calls over your phone’s internet connection, now you can kiss your girlfriend good night from abroad  and  share those face-to-face experiences  live,    wherever you are!

So whether you’re on HTC’s new Evo, Nexus 1 or many other Android devices, you’ll almost be together wherever you are with the first ever video calls on Android devices – and it’s free over your internet connection :)

YouTube Preview Image

Get the latest fring here.

Note: We support 2-way video calls on all capable devices but depending on where the camera is on your device, you may need to flip it around to show your face.  Enjoy and Smile – you’re always on the air

Also note, that video calls require fast –CPU. fring automatically tests your device strength to gauge your phone’s video calling capabilities.

The fringTEAM


After winning in 2008, fring gets a 2nd Meffy Awards nomination

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Each day tens of thousands of users choose fring for FREE video calling, calling and chat from their mobile phone.

Now the renowned Mobile Entertainment Forum (or MEF for short) has yet again chosen fring  as a finalist for a prestigious Meffy Award.  

 This year’s Meffy’s winners will be unveiled on 21 June at a special gala awards dinner at the newly refurbished Grand Connaught Rooms in London’s Covent Garden to an audience of 400 key industry players, taking place on the eve of MEF’s official annual conference, Mobile Entertainment Market  

So a big thanks to the MEF, our super dev team and our super-er fring users!  

Let’s cross our fingers for the big win on June 21st!

The fringTEAM


New fring for Symbian- fring has never been so (user) friendly!

Monday, May 24th, 2010

Nokia Symbian users- pay attention, your fring has just become even easier to use!

Finding your friends is made lot easier now, thanks to fring’s automatic friend-finder. fring can now add all your phone book friends, who are already fringsters, into your fring buddy list so you can video-call, call and chat for free with more friends around the globe from your mobile phone. Cool eh?

From now on, you can also create your full profile right at the registration process, so your real-time status and avatar will show the 1st time you log into fring.

This new version also contains many bug fixes, quite a few resolved thanks to our users’ ongoing feedback and support, keep it coming guys

Symbian users- Go get your new fring version (4.3) today!

The fringTEAM


New Android version with brand-new look, dialer and more!

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Great news for our Android fringsters- only a few months ago fring’s launched its 1st Android version with the world’s 1st ever Skype VoIP calls and the version is quickly catching up with fring’s other leading platforms. Today’s version includes a new buddy list look, brand-new profile screen and the long-anticipated dialer, among other improvements.

First, we’ve updated the buddy list and made it a lot friendlier. The new buddy list features your friends’ picture and mood line (from either fring or Skype), as does your call screen.


Personalize your profile! The new version comes with a new personalized profile, where you can upload a picture & edit your mood, your email address and phone number, all at the click of a button.

Then, you asked for it and you got it- we’ve added a dialer screen (including DTMF), so you can dial in numbers during a SIP/ SkypeOut call.

Lastly, you’ll love the voice improvements, Links support in the chat screen and other bug fixes we’ve added to this version, to make sure you get an even better communication experience.

So, now you have even more reasons to make sure you get the latest version today, because fring’s just gotten a lot more social on Android!

Download the new version here.

The fringTEAM

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