NBC’s Crusoe: Behind the scenes in the makeup trailer

So as mentioned before, this past week your local fring blogger got the chance of a lifetime, I went behind the scenes on the set of NBC’s Crusoe and even got to get down and dirty on set, playing a no good mutineer.

Playing an extra is no easy work and I soon learned just how long and hard extras have to work for a very small wage. However on the bright side I can report that it’s one of the best experiences that I have had in my short lifetime.

For this post I thought I would give you guys an exclusive behind the scenes sneak peak of the makeup trailer and how they take a perfectly good looking fringster and turn him into a sort of evil looking mutineer ;-)

I also attach a picture taken at the end of day another long day of filming. In the picture is your fring blogger (me) and the main actor who plays the role of Crusoe, Philip Winchester. Thanks for posing for a picture Philip, much appreciated ;-)



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[...] local fring blogger (me) recently took you behind the scenes in the makeup trailer on the set of NBC’s [...]

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