WordcampSA 2008 a fringing huge success

I have just returned from what I can say was one of the best functions I have attended this year.

Tyler Reed and the team from unique successfully pulled off the very first Wordcamp in South Africa and if I didn’t know any better I would say they have been doing it for years. Well done guys, here’s to hoping WordcampSA 2009 will be just as great.

The line up of top class speakers made for a very informative day and during the breaks many great contacts and friends were made and it was good to see how many of the attendees where already benefiting from the total freedom that fring offers. It was also very exciting to hear that some of the local developers were looking at developing add-ons using the fring API.

During the day we heard from these fine speakers:

It was great meeting up with Matt Mullenweg the founding developer of – Sadly his iPhone 3G is not fring supported – Matt we are working on this and lets hope one day soon you can join the fring party!

I thought a few nice pictures would round off this post nicely, but first a big shout out goes to everyone who proudly wore their fring gear during the event, and to Rafiq who even had the fring T on while doing his wooden spoon presentation. Dude you rock – it’s good to see how strongly you support the Jail4Bail campaign, and for what it’s worth we support you ;-)

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