MobilePress: WordPress made easy for iPhone and other Handsets

WordPress, one of the most popular and possibly the “coolest” blogging platform around has just been given a very unique new plugin from a South African company who’s name says it all. The hard working guys over at Younique, working together with the team of Project Wolf have just launched a shiny new WordPress plugin simply called MobilePress, the plugin will enable WordPress for mobile devices in such a way that the end user has a better viewing experience.

On his personal blog Tyler Reed the Founder of both Younique and Project Wolf says that MobilePress is “a plugin for WordPress, which allows users, designers and publishers to extend their audience and service by having specific themes for specific mobile devices or browsers.” Apparently blogs using the MobilePress plugin can be viewed nicely across multiple platforms and handsets, including the iPhone and other high end Nokia and windows mobile devices.

One of the readers of Tyler’s blog puts it this way when he says that this “plugin is definitely filling the previous, massive void.”

From reading a bit about this project and after seeing a few screenshots I am now convinced that this new plugin for WordPress will revolutionize the way blogs are seen and read when using mobile devices and this can only be good news for everyone, I wish Tyler Reed and his teams all the best in their future projects.

Oh and did I mention MobilePress is free to download and is open source! To download the file click here.

Before and after screenshot thanks to Allan Kent and MobilePress.

Tyler says:

Hey Simon, thanks for the kind words. Let’s see a Fring mobile theme using the plugin for all Fring blogs. ;)

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