fring blogger in top position at #nerdies09

Thats right guys your local fring blogger is currently in 2nd place at the not so annual Nerdy nom nom awards.

The nerdies 2009 – which is the brain child of Sheena Gates, better known online as Shebeegee, Aims to find the sexiest South African Nerdy NomNom for the 2009. Your local fring blogger who btw goes by the alias SimonB has made the first round of voting by beating guys like Vernon Koekemoer the South African legend, Vernon wasn’t to happy with it and tried to Koekemoer me in the dressing room earlier, but hey such is life. Anyway we are now in the last voting round and Vernon you never made it hahaha.

If you guys think the local fring dude smells worse than Mike Stopforth the current leader, then head over to the polls and cast your vote.

In conclustion I would like to quote from Mike’s blog, The #nerdies09 has “been a really cool way to start off the year – not taking life too seriously!”

Ok go cast your vote already

SheBee says:


check your koek in the background there!

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[...] then, excitingly:

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