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Create your own hotspot in a Joiku.

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

Our good mate Tim over at fring’s Australian Blog recently posted about the all new JoikuSpot software that allows you to easily create you own hotspot, using any Nokia S60 Wi-Fi enable handset. fringsters, this is great news especially for techno geeks. This software makes it so easy to share your internet when having a house party or hosting an event. Give it a try today.


Thanks for the news Tim. More screenshots found at All About


Wi-Fi sniffing T-Shirt

Thursday, October 25th, 2007

Last month we brought you the Tqualizer a T-shirt that beats to the music.

This month we bring you an even more mind blowing T-Shirt

The Wi-Fi sniffing T-Shirt. This T-Shirt has an animated Wi-Fi sign that detects various Wi-Fi networks and lights up the moment you walk into one.

The T-shirt is powered by three AAA batteries and will work for hours. You can get the shirt for about US$30 (R200.00) from ThinkGeek. Word is that they are running out of stock so book yours if you plan on sending people into lost thoughts.

Thanks to our Indian blogger for pointing this t-shirt out to us.

Mugg & Bean launches in Knysna

Friday, October 19th, 2007

Mugg and Bean, South Africa’s favorite “coffee themed restaurant chain” have decided to add Knysna to the list of supported towns, bringing the total number of franchises in South Africa to 97.

Located in the heart of Knysna, in the Woodmill Lane Shopping Complex, this truly is a great new addition to the Mugg and Bean family. Your local fring Blogger (Thats me) was privileged to be the first patron severed at this new franchise on Thursday morning and I must say, so far, Mugg and Bean Knysna have lived up to the brand.

The Wi-Fi access was not yet working so I was not the first to make a fring call from this branch, however I am sure that patrons will soon be fringing to the good vibrations at this great new restaurant.

Mugg and Bean Knysna Food


Knysna is Africa’s largest wi-fi hotspot

Monday, October 8th, 2007

When talking about Knysna most people tend to think of ‘the Knysna Oyster festival’ however not many realize that Knysna is the largest free WiFi hotspot on the African continent.

With over 300 hotspots covering 90% of the town, Knysna has become the leader when it comes to free hotspot coverage in Africa.

The company behind this initiative UniNet says it has rolled out a further 600 hotspots in Cape Town, which will go live shortly, and there is talk of Johannesburg joining the hotspot party in the coming months.

When planning your next holiday why not add Knysna as your destination of choice. Oh and don’t forget to bring along your fring enabled Wi-fi handset to enjoy free calls anywhere on earth using fring and the Uninet free wireless hotspots.Thanks to the hard working boys and girls at BBC for pointing this out, we think this info rocks, and our friends at SA Rocks agree.

fring introduces auto roaming

Monday, September 3rd, 2007

To make life easier for Wi-Fi users fring now supports auto roaming between GSM and WiFi networks.

What does this mean?

  • owners of dual-mode phones (cellular and WiFi) can seamlessly keep IP connectivity at all times, while using the most effective communication channel.
  • when you enter your home, fring identifies your WiFi AP and automatically links to it. All of your VoIP calls will then go over the free WiFI connection
  • when you go out, the system will automatically switch the connection to the 3G channel and keep your online availability
  • entering the office/favorite-coffee-shop/public-WiFI-hotspot and the system will move again into free IP-connectivity

Auto roaming allows fring to maintain constant connectivity with its servers to ensure continuous connectivity to the Internet and real-time presence.


  • While active, the application constantly monitors the available wireless channels (GPRS, 3G, CDMA and Wi-Fi) and switches between them automatically based on reception quality. Priority is given to use the free connections over Wi-Fi. Handover between channels is done in idle time (not while in a call) automatically and seamlessly for the user.
  • The application will put itself to ‘sleep’ if it identifies that the handset is not active (the screensaver is on). While in ‘sleep’, the application stops communication with the server and doesn’t update the presence information of the subscriber’s buddy list. It listens, however, for incoming signaling from the server on the network.
  • Being in active mode, the application performs periodic interaction with its server. During this interaction, the server updates the handset with real-time presence information and status. With the interest of keeping the battery life as long as possible, the application will by-pass presence updating when the handset is moving into screen-saving mode.

Auto roaming: Yet another great addition that will fring in the good times.

Currently Symbian 9 users only. Windows Mobile coming soon

Monthly Tourism review – Plettenberg Bay

Monday, July 30th, 2007

Formosa Peak - Tsitsikamma: Photo by Peter Tullis

Known as “the Jewel of the Garden Route”, The Western Cape town of Plettenberg Bay is a rapidly growing premium rated holiday destination for thousands of local and international visitors.

Apart from the most beautiful mountain range as a back drop. Plettenberg Bay is also well known for it’s excluded beaches, whale watching, the worlds first multi species free roaming monkey sanctuary, the largest “free flight” bird sanctuary on earth, and a multitude of other great attractions. This town has also got some of the friendliest town’s folk in South Africa.

When planning a holiday this year why not give Plettenberg Bay a shot. You will not be disappointed.

A few tips to remember when visiting:

  1. Plett has a very good traffic department so watch your speed.
  2. Although the beaches are secluded and tranquil, sunbathing alone can be dangerous.
  3. Although Plett has very little crime, it does happen and don’t be caught unawares. (Like leaving your car or house unlocked while you are away.)
  4. Always bring warm clothing, some days we have all four seasons in one day.
  5. Early booking on accommodation is essential.
  6. The most important thing to remember: Plett has good 3G coverage

Btw Hidden in and around Plett are a few great Wi-Fi Hots spots, so be sure to bring along your Wi-Fi sniffer to locate the best spot.

Stay tuned for the next review.

WI-Fi sniffing can become addictive

Sunday, July 22nd, 2007

Ever wish you had Wi-Fi Sniffing as a sixth sense, yes this may be just a dream, but luckily there is now a nifty little gadget especially useful to fringsters that turns this dream into a reality. This little gadget will help you sniff out all those free hotspots wherever you are.


The Hotspotter provides four essential pieces of information about the
Wi-Fi networks it detects: SSID, signal strength, encryption status and channel, making it a must have for fringsters who have Wi-Fi enabled phones.

However be warned that sniffing Wi-Fi may become addictive! Some of the side affects of Wi-Fi sniffing documented are FREE fring calls, FREE fring text chat and a multitude of other mVoIP effects.

Ok so here’s the bad news, although Wi-Fi may be free, sniffing Wi-Fi doesn’t come cheap the average unit costs R500.00 locally. Still a way cool gadget to get your hands on though.

Well so what are you waiting for? Got any more gadgets to tell us about.. this is the place.

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