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vodacom launches low-cost solar-powered cellphone

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

Exploiting eco energy is a great way of protecting the environment. Few mobile networks have gone this route and Vodacom today showed their commitment for the environment by launching the VF 247.

This low cost solar powered cellphone, which has the ability to charge on the go is something that many are calling unique. We at fring think this is genius and selling for only R339.00 this device makes for a great emergency handset.

Designed with an integrated solar panel, users can now charge on the go. Apparently it takes only an hour or two to fully charge this device using nothing but solar energy from the sun. This is not only a huge saving on the environment but will also save consumers  time and money.

“In many communities, electricity supplies are intermittent or non-existent, but with this new handset, people won’t have to worry about when they are next going to be able to charge the battery,” said Joosub.

“It’s so simple and obvious, but the combination of solar power and a low-cost handset will hopefully make a big difference.”

The VF 247 comes with all the basic Voice and text features.  It also has a FM radio, a colour display and a built in torch.

We can’t wait to see a high end smartphone using tis same eco power source in future ;-)

Nokia launches Peddle power Africa

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

fringsters listen up! Nokia today unveiled a unique new product for emerging markets.  The bicycle cellphone charger which will offer “free and environmentally friendly electricity” to mobile device users, is a much needed addition to the Nokia line of products.

The low cost device which will retail for R160.00 gets power via a dynamo which uses the motion of the bicycle wheel to generate electricity. The device is aimed at developing markets and countries where people have limited access to basic utilities.

“The package, which will be released towards the end of this year, will include a handlebar mount, dynamo and  a 2 mm charger jack.” There is currently no confirmation on where or when it will be available locally but be assured we will keep you posted.

This truly is a great new device from Nokia and we beleive it will improve the lives of millions in Africa.

Unboxing the Samsung Reclaim

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

The hard working guys over at recently got to unbox the tasty new greener than green, eco friendly Samsung Reclaim.  “In part composed of corn-based bio-plastics, the Reclaim is 80 percent recyclable.”

Now although this handset is made partially from Corn, the boys over at mobilecrunch soon discovered that it is not as edible as it looks and sounds.  Yes they actually licked the handset and apparently the device tastes like “a phone — or more accurately, like a combination of bear mace and lysol”.

It’s great to see a manufacturer working on developing eco friendly green products and I am sure that soon other manufacturers will follow suit.   fringsters there is still no word on when the Samsung Reclaim will come to South Africa, but be assured that we will keep you posted.

iPhone 3G – Eco friendly charging with the iYo YoYo

Monday, October 20th, 2008

Today while surfing the net I came across an amazing eco charger, designed for the iPhone. The design is very simple but it has the word ‘revolutionary’ written all over it. These days thanks to the power of the internet we often come across product designs that can drastically revolutionize the mobile industry. Sadly though most of the great designs never see the light of day.

The iYo YoYo, designed by Peter Thuvander is just such a revolutionary design, it shows huge potential not only for iPhone users but for any mobile device users. The iYo YoYo most certainly has ‘the power’ to become an international craze and we really hope it will see the light of day soon, so that fringsters around the world can be charging in style ;-)

Lets Go Green: Green your search

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

fring is on a constant drive to find useful ways to help fringsters go green. We have over the last few months reviewed many green techno gadgets and have offered solutions to help fringsters offset their carbon footprint.

One of the best ways we found to offset this footprint is to plant tree’s. Sadly planting tree’s and most of the other initiatives aimed at going green seem to be very costly and so not many people have the ability to make the switch.

Enter this free to use Google based search engine is offering to plant 1 tree for every 1500 searches that go through its servers. This means all we need do is use their free service for all our online searches and by so doing we will be helping to reduce our carbon footprint.

This is probably the easiest way to go green we have ever seen and so without further ado lets all make the switch and greenoursearches today!