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Introducing the fringing Nokia 5530 XpressMusic

Friday, August 28th, 2009

fringsters put your hands together for the one and only Nokia 5530 Xpress Music.

Nokia_ Announce_5530_XpressMusic_fring

This sleek and sexy Nokia handset is now officially available in South Africa and we are excited to announce that fring already lets you take your friends mobile with this great new Nokia device.

Although “Nokia might have been late to the touchscreen game,” it sure is “making up for lost time now by following up the successful 5800 XpressMusic and N97 with the budget 5530 XpressMusic.”

Most of the western world is abuzz after Apple recently introduced the Apple iPhone 3Gs.  Here in Africa though things are different.  Most of us cannot afford the high tech gadgetry on offer from Apple. I mean lets face it, most people here in Africa are just looking for something cool yet low cost which will do the job and boy oh boy does the Nokia 5530 do just that.

Nokia last night together with the launch of the Nokia 5530 and 5630 Xpress Music also launched “Comes with music.” “The service, which offers consumers a year of unlimited access to the entire Nokia Music Store catalogue,  is now available in South Africa. Comes With Music devices enable the consumer to download an unlimited number of the over 5-million digital tracks available on the South African Nokia Music Store for a one year period. In addition, the consumer is able to keep all their downloaded music from the diverse catalogue of international and local artists – even when the service period of one year is over – on both their Comes With Music device and dedicated PC.”

This is why in my humble opinion, companies like Nokia will always have market share in Africa. They are making sure that people of all walks of life are able to groove to the beat on a sexy touch screen device. Thank you Nokia ;-)

fringsters if you happen to be one of the lucky few who already has your hands on the Nokia 5530 what are you waiting for download fring today. If you are still thinking of upgrading to a new device, think no more, head over to your nearest cellphone dealer and grab yourself one of these beauties while stocks last.

YouTube Preview Image

Note: I will review the Nokia 5530 more closely in the coming weeks.

Apple iPhone 3G S coming to South Africa July09

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

Some more great news for fringsters in South Africa.  It is being reported that the much anticipated Apple iPhone 3G S, will soon go on sale in South Africa.  According to the chief communications officer at Vodacom, Dot Field, “Vodacom will launch the iPhone 3G S, the fastest most powerful iPhone yet, in South Africa in July 2009″ Sadly though, no exact date or price was given.

Man I wish I could get this device a few days before the launch to play around with and report back.

You ask and fring delivers fring 3.4 – Socialmashing

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

Attention, Attention, drum roll… we’re very excited to announce that fring version 3.4 has just gone live.

As you probably already know most of us have several social circles developing in parallel, I mean who uses only own social tool these days?   At fring we’ve been listening to what users of social media really want, and especially our community of fringsters, using this valuable feedback from the community we came up with a few new solutions mashing up all your separate communities of friends into one manageable, mobile interface via fring.

From now on, fring lets you easily create one rich, dynamic profile for each of your contacts so you can see what anyone is up to at a glance, and interact via all your mutual social networks/services directly from one combined profile. It’s all happening on fring!

So what does it mean?

  • No more multiple listings for the same friend!
  • Viewing a fringster’s profile, you can see whether he’s currently available via fring, Skype or MSN, and other IM services.
  • We “hint” you when a friend from your regular phone book or another social network like Skype, AIM etc is also a fringster so you can add them to your fring friend list and complete their personal profile.
  • You can control how your fring world sees you! You can update your own fring profile photo, mood status and nick name

How do you do it?

  • To merge together multiple contacts, follow these steps: In buddy list, select the user you want to merge > Go to “Manage buddies> choose “Merge buddies”> it will take you to your buddy list. Scroll down to other names for the same contact that you’d like to merge > Click OK to check the box next to each > Hit Save. You’re done
  • To update your profile click on Options> Edit my profile> Options> and choose Update picture/ Update mood text/ Change nickname.
  • When initially registering to fring, you will be alerted of all your GSM and social community friends who are already fringsters. Once you start using fring, we’ll let you know when other friends become fringsters by clicking Options>Manage buddies > Friend finder.

These new features currently work on all Symbian devices; Windows Mobile and iPhone are coming soon. Full feature- list for the new version can be found here.  Get your new version today.

A full feature- list for the new version can be found here.

Official press release is available here.

Have fun – and as always, let us know how the new unifying fring works for you!

fring Team

Goodnews for iPhone and iPod Touch fringsters: update

Saturday, April 4th, 2009

Hey guys,

We have just released a new version of fring for the iPhone.

This updated version includes:

  1. Improved dialer (a drop-down list with country flags, saves typing in the country code)
  2. Improved GUI
  3. New ‘Settings’: Hide/show phone contacts; hide/show offline users
  4. A few Bug fixes ;-)
  5. Always-on Add-on

The “Always-on Add-on” is designed to solve the fact that Apple doesn’t allow application to run in background.  This is how it will work:

  • iPhone fringsters subscribe to the add-on in order to use it (through the add-on catalog)
  • Once you log out of fring, your buddies will still see you as logged in (green)  if they message you, you will get notifications by e-mail whenever someone calls/chats.
  • The e-mail is sent to your mail client on the device itself and contains a link.
  • The link takes the fringster directly to the message he’d missed on fring itself.

This feature will be rolled- out gradually, 1st in the US & UK…the duration of which your friends will see you as “online” may vary, based on your geo location and will be adjusted by us, over the next few days, based on users’ feedback” This service will eventually be in line with Apple’s 3.0 firmware and new notification feature.

To get it, simply download the update from App Store.

As always, we’d love to get your comments and remember if you continue to give us your great feedback, we’ll continue to make fring even better!

Google Maps updates South Africa

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

I recently wrote a post about Googles new Latitude application, in that post I slightly criticized Google for their poor roadmaps in South Africa. “Sadly though Google’s street maps in South Africa are really poor and half the time you can’t see the roads. Lets face the facts, the satellite images may be cool but they don’t really help much when navigating in a hurry.”

Well the good news for this week is that Google must have read my post and they have finally turned their attention to South African roads. Although there is still alot that needs attention for their South African road Maps, it sure is a good step in the right direction.

To see the new maps follow this link and search for your local town.

Oh btw the street maps in Google Mobile Maps (Symbian) are still outdated for some reason, so don’t get to excited. They are however all live on the PC and via the iPhone.

With the 2010 soccer world cup just around the corner, it’s good to see Google is finaly mapping our part of the world. I wonder when the google street view car will start mapping our roads ;-)

The Cell phone Reunion: Just for laughs

Monday, February 16th, 2009

Sebastian from the German fring blog recently posted this great video he found via and I could not help but post it here also, amazing how things have changed in the mobile space over the years. Sit back now relax and enjoy this little bit of cellphone humour ;)

5fm invites listeners to pimp their cellphones with fring

Friday, January 9th, 2009

Hey guys,

I was just tipped off about a blog post by the hot and sexy 5fm DJ Poppy Tshongwana, Poppy is inviting her readers and listeners from the KFC Global Express to PIMP THEIR CELLPHONES “WITH THESE COOL MOBILE APPLICATIONS

She goes on to say “Stop crying about the fact that you don’t have an iPhone – that doesn’t mean your phone is rubbish, you just need to beef it up a little and give it a second life.

The 5fm blog then goes on to list the mobile applications that they feel are “the best” and we are excited to say that 5fm not only thinks fring is “cute” they also feel we are one of the best. hehe

A big thanks go out to Poppy and the 5fm team for their vote of confidence, thanks also to the fringster who tipped me off about Poppies post ;-) Btw Poppy when are you guys going to integrate a fringME Widget into your site?

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