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fring – your friends, mobile

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

Hey guys

Did you know? With the free fring mobile application you can take all your friends, mobile.

If your favourite network is not yet supported, please drop us a line and we will work on adding it ;-)

Top 10 Nokia 5800 Xpress Music applications

Monday, March 23rd, 2009

Having just upgraded my handset to the shiny new Nokia 5800 Xpress Music aka Tube, I thought it good to do a post showing the applications I have personally found to be the most useful on my 5800.

There are currently not many applications that support this sexy handset but given some time I am sure many new apps will become available.

Please note that my list of top 10 must have apps for the 5800 includes both free and premium services.

  1. fring – Lets you talk, chat and interact freely between: Skype, Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, Twitter, Facebook, GoogleTalk, AIM, SIP, Gmail Notifier, LastFM, Orkut and Yandex
  2. JoikuSpot – Turns your mobile handset into a secure WLAN (Wi-Fi) HotSpot.
  3. Gmail – Google’s free email service – this is the best email service on earth.
  4. Google Maps – Possibly the best free mobile mapping software available.
  5. Opera Mini - The world’s most popular mobile Web browser
  6. File Zip – Easily zip and unzip files on your 5800 – Get it from the download menu on your handset.
  7. Accuweather – The best weather application on the 5800. It’s also in the download menu on handset.
  8. Best Screensnap – A cool application for taking screenshots. In the download menu on handset.
  9. Photoflow – This is a great application for viewing images. In the download menu on handset.
  10. Paint Pad – For those of us who love to draw. Available from the download menu on handset.

This is my current Top 10 and when more applications become available the list will change ;-)

friends & music together with fring &

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

Love music? Love friends? Love fring? Then you’re gonna love on fring!

Whether you’re hot for Britney or prefer chillin’ to Cold Play, you can now listen to music radio channels, including your own library, direct from fring on your mobile.

You can search & tune-in to your favorite artists, view album artwork, skip tracks you don’t like, even show your love or ban them, and all of this activity via fring will automatically update your online account

So, where does the friends bit come in? Well, in case you didn’t know, at fring we love nothing more than a great big mash-up. So as well as the music experience itself, we’ve grabbed all of your friends and put them into a dynamic friends list so you can view what they’re listening to on, in real-time, right now. Cool huh?

And that’s not all…standby for the fairy dust…we’ve also combined many of fring’s communication features you use everyday into this mobile musical mash-up, so if you catch your mate listening to the Cheeky Girls, simply Tweet* the news to everyone else, launch a chat via MSN or GoogleTalk or call him via Skype to tell him to get a life! (no offence Cheekies! x)

This fringing musical mayhem is just the first of a series of friends and experience add-ons, designed to make your mobile the ultimate social device with fring.

Check-out our latest YouTube vid here. All you need is the latest version of fring (V3.37) and a account then simply go to the fringAdd-on tab inside fring, subscribe to the add-on by ticking the box, sit back and enjoy those tunes!

As always, feedback is everything and we’d love to hear what you think!

fring Team

NB: Initially for Symbian Series 60 Devices
*Twitter coming to add-on v soon