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fring for iPhone over 3G on its way!

Saturday, October 10th, 2009

We’re very excited about AT&T’s announcement today (confirmed by Apple) that its 3G wireless network will be open to third-party Internet voice applications on iPhone.

Until now fring users could only use fring on their iPhone over Wi-Fi, so this comes as great news for us and our iPhone fringsters.

iphonescreenshots 001

fring’s dev team is hard at work, making sure we will be ready to go once 3G iPhone gates are open . We will be live before you can even say “fring for iPhone over 3G on its way!” with the new feature-packed version we released just today… but also over 3G!


Google Streetview comes to South Africa

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

Google has just announced that Streetview will come to South Africa. This according to

Apparently “in the coming weeks Google will begin driving around South Africa and taking photographs of locations in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Durban.”


The news was barely out the door when twitter started going wild. I also got an sms from a friend traveling along the N3 near Pretoria to say that he had just past a White streetview car traveling South towards Durban.  After unhitching his tralor next to the highway he turned around and gave chase trying to snap a picture of the car in action.  130km later and he could not catch them, Obviously the streetview car was traveling alot faster than my friend and sadly no pictures are forthcoming.  Better luck next time John ;-)

Luckily a few pictures of the new South African Google Prius Streetview car have already made there way onto the net and it’s going to be interesting to see how South Africans feel about the streetview car driving their streets in the next few weeks.  I personally can’t wait to have localized streetview images on my mobile device.

Welcome to South Africa Google Street View, looking forward to seeing you in my part of the world soon.

Is the next BIG thing?

Friday, August 21st, 2009

If pictures speak louder than words then twitter is a bit soft and is speaking load and clear! This great new startup is already making huge waves in the social space and that after only a few months.

Dailybooth which started back in January 2009 already has well over 3million unique users and is growing at about “35% per month” according to Techcrunch.

Dailybooth founder Jon Wheatley had this to say on the Dailybooth blog: “The idea for dailybooth was coined a few days after I was laid off from a job I had at a web development company in Edinburgh. Everything happened quite quickly so I was frantically brainstorming some startup ideas that could potentially bring in some much needed money. DailyBooth (as it wasn’t yet known) was one of a list of ideas that was churned out in that brainstorming session.”

Well Jon, as they say, neccecity is the mother of invention and I must say, you seem to have struck a gold mine.  fringsters mark my words, is the next BIG thing to steam role over the internet, so go check it out and let me know what you think.

Installation guides and other methods [Friends finder week]

Friday, July 17th, 2009

The ‘friend finder week’ is a great opportunity for us  to  go through the different methods we have available for you, so you can learn more about fring, get in touch with us and share your experience.

First, you have this blog (no kidding :-) ) – but if you’re reading this you probably know that. (moving right along…Next!)

User guides – In the support section you can find a user guide for each of our supported platforms.

Twitter / Facebook– Following our twitter & Facebook  accounts  is a great way to get in touch with us and follow us for the latest news and blips.

YouTube – If a picture is worth a thousand words than I don’t know what’s the latest rate for a good ‘How To’ video.

fring forums – If we’re speaking of good ways to find friends and get in touch with fring addicts just like you than the fring forum is *the* place to be in. It’s the meeting spot for all fringsters to come and ask for advice and give one too.

Got another place to meet fringsters? Share it with us in the comments section below. Don’t be shy, it’s the ‘friends finder’ week and fring is all about meeting new people and keeping in touch with your old ones.

fring Blogger to attend Nokia N97 underground fusion extravaganza

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

That right folks, your local fring Blogger has been invited to attend the much anticipated Nokia underground fusion extravaganza, to be held in Johannesburg on the 16th of July.  The event, press conference and cocktail party will celebrate the launch of 3 great new Nokia products:  The Nokia N97, N86 8MP and Ovi Store.

Attendance is by invitation only which means only a few privileged individuals will get in the door.  The good news for fringsters though is that I will be live blogging and tweeting from the event to give you the full benefit, feel free to follow me on twitter for live updates.   That said if any of the other invited attendees want to meet up with me at or after the event feel free to drop me a line [simon <AT> fring <DOT> com]

See you guys in Johannesburg.

The history making twitter baby of South Africa

Monday, May 18th, 2009

For those who might have missed the news.  A Cape Town blogger (Tertia Loebenberg Albertyn) has made history by becoming the first person to tweet right through the birth of her son.  What makes this even more special is that the tag #maxday made the list of trending topics on twitter.

Congrats to Tertia a job well done, we hope your new little bundle of joy is bringing you much happiness.

Around The World For Free – The fringing extract

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Starting in New York City on September 18th 2007, Alex Boylan and Zsolt Luka started on the journey of a lifetime.

“Covering 159 days, 16 countries, 4 continents, and 45,000 miles, Around the World For Free follows Alex’s trek from New York City to the untouched lands of Dominica. From a deportation in India right into a war zone in Kenya, from the scorching deserts of Chile to the destitute poverty of Cambodia and beyond.”

During this amazing journey Alex and Zsolt made hundreds of new friends, saw amazing places and got to play with some exciting new technology.

After a stop over in South Africa the guys implemented the then newly launched fringME! widget onto their website. A Nokia N95 was provided by fring and away they went. Although life on the road was fast and furious and mobile internet connections somewhat slow and sometimes outright junk, the guys did not despair and made the regular effort to keep trying despite some difficulties they ran into, this early stage beta testing helped fring pave the way for revolutions in future technologies and for this the fring team would like to thank them.

Around the World for free has now been compiled into an 11hour TV series and is currently airing on WGN America.  We just received an exclusive fringy extract from episode 6 entitled ‘South African Kaleidoscope’ The full version of episode 6 will air on Monday evening 18/5/2009 at 9EST/9PST on WGN America.

The guys have also recently taken social media to the next level by implemented a live twitter feed during the show. During each episode of Around the world for free, followers of the twitter group can now interact with both Alex and Zsolt and get exclusive behind the scenes info during the show.

fringsters follow @atwff to show your support.

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