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Meet the worlds first C5 quadriplegic fringster

Friday, July 31st, 2009

fringsters, Meet Barry Botes a dynamic quadriplegic fringster from Johannesburg, South Africa.

Barry is officially (as far as we know) the world’s first C5 quadriplegic fringster.


Barry is the founder of a unique NPO called Ama Wheelies which aims to help quadriplegics become self sustaining.  The project also aims to provide accommodation and business opportunities for quadriplegics living in Thaba Chweu, South Africa.

Feel free to follow the Ama Wheelies project on their website, blog, Twitter, facebook or flickr.

If you happen to be in a fringing good mood you can also donate to this amazing project by clicking here.

From everyone here at fring a huge shoutout to Barry for becoming the world’s first C5 quadriplegic fringster. We look forward to following your progress and the progress of Ama Wheelies in the next few months.

Note: Read the full article about the worlds first C5 Quadriplegic fringster here.