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fringing ad trials

Hey guys

fring now has millions of fringsters covering the globe and as we grow up we want to make sure that fring remains free to download, free to use for all of our fringsters forever!

So, in line with our biz strategy, we’re about to trial the new fring ads program.

We wanted to give you the heads-up, as you may soon see small clickable advertising banners in the fring chat window, beneath the chat itself. Clicking the ad will open your browser and take you to the advertiser’s site; you may even find extra special offers, cool promos & other nice surprises behind the click from time to time :-) And, more clicks mean happy advertisers; and happy advertisers mean more resources for us to develop cool new stuff for you to play with in fring!

We’re starting the ad trials with just a small number of randomly selected fringsters each day and we’ve worked hard to make sure that your fringing experience isn’t affected in any way, but as always, we’re really keen to hear your feedback.

The fring team

Smash says:

do not make mistake, with ads you will at the end loose popularity, find other way to get money, or at least make commercial version for some 5-10 $ without annoying ads.

Justin says:

Hey guys,

The ad biz model, cool and keeps it free… but can I just pay you something small like a £1 a month by SMS lets say… I like Fring, please let me pay for it ;-)

BB says:

New definitions of free are … Baa! What did Fring cost to develop and what are the running costs – peanuts! Just charge us $5 up front and then with a million members you will have enough to continue development and become millionaires! I hate these ads (that actually cost me to download). Just look at how youtube is ruined. More repetitive strain to click off those popups! Fring is just Great! Let’s not spoil it with the unimaginative ad model to fund. Keep up the good work on the program development.

Joe Bloggs says:

If you put ads in it, we will look else where for other free programs

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